Friday, January 27, 2012

Preparing to Scatter

After reading Ol' Remus' opening volley this morning, I had an interesting thought. As a student of the Christian faith and the teachings of Christ and His disciples, I can not help but think about how after Christ's ascension into Heaven, the anointing that the 120 received, and their subsequent persecution drove them out of Jerusalem and into the gentile world. What if God himself is nudging American Christians out of their comfortable lifestyles to get really serious about making disciples in all parts of the world?

I also read a very interesting article about The Master's Mission in Kenya where the Teasdale family has been working for several generations spreading the Good News of the Gospel. It definitely peaked my interest in that my skill set is one of a very mixed bag, one that generally does not fit in with traditional missionary work.

This is the question --

How am I supposed to respond to this desire in me to "go out" into the world?

What am I supposed to do with my desire to see the United States fulfill its purpose of being a light on a hill, as Ronald Regan elaborated when justifying the tearing down of the Berlin wall?

I am a systems guy, I see how things work together. I want to help people who want to be helped or are in a situation where they cannot help themselves. How can I use my skills in Missions???

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How can I ignore this?

That's not to say that I believe this child should have a fancy house and a fancy car. I don't believe any of us needs what the prosperity gospel has to offer. These people do not know peace, spiritual peace nor real physical peace. They are living in constant fear of raids by bandits who's only purpose is to take from others what they to do not want to provide for themselves. How can I ignore those who would seek to do others harm? Don't they need inner peace as well? REAL inner peace?

To be continued____